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God, Thank You.

God, You make me afraid.
Tell me that I'm doing the right thing. Chosen the right thing.
Pull me if everything is not going well.
Don't make me regret my choice. I don't like that feeling.

God, I could'nt sleep more.
I'm afraid to make mistakes. Again.
Don't you go to punish me, right?
Prepare a terrible celebration.

God, give me an answer key.
Show me the way out of this intersection.
If I had to remain silent? Sculpting.
What would You do to my future?

God, what is destiny?
Why did you give me this confusion if you've decided everything.
You make me uncomfortable with this world.
You put me in the zero point.

Or, actually, I did it to myself?
Then, what are you doing now?
Watch me? Laughing at me?

God, hold me.
I felt alone. Cornered.
I feel a defendant in a very noisy hearing
This makes  me exhausted in powerlessness.

God, I'm sorry.
I'm upset.
I sincerely apologize.

Thank you for allowing me babbling.

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