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Individual English Writing Task

Name : Sarah Nurul Khotimah
ID Class : A
NPM : 220110100134

Case: Indonesian Nursing Act in Indonesia should incorporate the legal aspect for allowing nurses to prescribe medicines particularly for those who work in remote area

Nursing is the most health professionals. However, nurses have a duty only upon the fulfillment of basic human needs. Nurses can’t deliver the drug as a means of healing.
In remote places, where the number of doctors are not balanced by the number of patients, the nurse to be confusing because if health professionals don’t provide assistance to people who are sick, it can be imprisoned.
Emergency situations often occur in areas where there is no doctor and patient referral process to the hospitas bercause of constrained geographical factors, cost, distance, and availability of transportation facilities, nursing had prosecuted like fruit simalakama of having to give drugs that included a list of G to save the patient. In facr, the Health Act does not al…